statement - janeArt

Painting is a meditation for me.

The wooden panels become a visual landing place for my energy, emotions and musings. I have always felt that painted strokes and marks become a personal language. My painted language is honed from years of brush strokes, writings, scratches, and responses to painted cues. I often layer travel relics, debris, music, writings, and photographs that meld with acrylics, pencil, crayon, charcoal, and beeswax as the painting comes to life. These memory laden artifacts are buried and uncovered repeatedly to find the unexpected. My energy transforms the art supplies into imagery that connects my past to now, and expresses the unexplored of my soul. The work evolves and transforms as I do.

I am intrigued by the universality of our being as it transcends time and culture. The fiercely protective nature of a mother in Nepal, Bolivia or Italy recalls my own; the heartbreak of separation and the bonds of love emerge everywhere on this planet. My inquiry into global similarities and disparaties in a worldwide subconsciousness prompts me to keep traveling and painting. My work could reveal the past and honor those before me, find common ground in different cultures, and lead to a universal, collective present.

I am captivated by the power of ritual and ancestral conversations in our lives. I believe that annual traditions, classic patterns, memorized songs, prayers or mantras, and these retold ancestral stories ground our lives and spawn a sense of security and community. In striving for calm and simplicity in a frenetic, swirling world, I work to create a moment of peace. I see my artwork as a sharing of that moment. Painting is my path to encouraging authenticity, and creating a deeper sense of human connection and love. 

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