process - janeArt

I paint with some combination of acrylic paints, watercolors, melted beeswax, and pencils on wood panel or watercolor paper.

Often I layer collaged bits of photographs, old diaries, prayer flags, handwritten letters, objects of devotion, shards of communication in other languages, or other random handiwork collected from distant cultures into the first layers of the paintings. While they are sometimes unrecognizable beneath the layers of paint and wax, I know they have instructed the subsequent images and I like the idea that these expressions of others' hands can become a part of my work here.

Monotype is an ancient printmaking technique in which the image is painted onto a plate and run through an etching press to transfer a one of a kind image to a sheet of etching paper.

The photocollages are created digitally overlaying travel photographs, pieces of paintings and scans until the transparent layers reveal new or surprising imagery.

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